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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Foaling Season 2010 has arrived!

Southern Leigh WF & Wallstreet Rose WF are now under close observation as we are getting closer to the arrival of their Waldaire foals!

Baby announcements & plenty of photographs will follow as soon as the new bundles of joy join our equine family!

Leigh's baby is going to be chestnut - and more than likely have quite a bit of white!

Gretta has only produced black foals so far, so she is more of a surprise as to what she might present us with....

And this is a friendly reminder to all those visiting our barn in the coming weeks - if you have been around or in contact with horses that are ill or coughing, please respect the vulnerable immune systems of our new foals and change your clothing and shoes along with a fresh shower. Thank you for your understanding.

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