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Monday, April 13, 2009

Wizard WF came home a riding horse!

Oz has returned from Sport Horse Training, Inc. a big, grown up horse! He is at least 2 inches taller (a good thing). He has been to several different riding facilities, both indoor and outdoor (another good thing).

He trail rides alone or with company and hops over logs, crosses streams and is happy either in the front or the rear with companions (another good thing). Best of all, he has earned high praise from trainer Roddy - 'he's a good horse'.

So with that stamp of approval...Oz is home to continue his education. :)

He has always been a very good boy who comes to the gate when you call - I just didn't get up to the fence in time to get the canter shots from the far end of the pasture...(sorry)

So that's a few photos from today. Some are a bit 'art-y', so bear with me! A link to some video will follow tomorrow. (it has been a long day - must sleep)

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