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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Interesting tidbits...

I thought I'd just add some of the news of the week prior to the show tomorrow at Fidler Run Farm.

The AWR/NASPR has gone to a an online format for their newsletter in a Go Green system change!! In doing so, it is also easier to connect to a larger audience beyond the membership. is the link which will be updated with Classifieds, Bragging Rights, Show Results and Inspection information! So check out WWW.WARMBLOODNEWS.COM when you have a minute.

I am corresponding with the delightful owners of Doringcourt (Dressage Royal x Gazelle by Glueckpilz) in New Zealand.
They are just so nice and updates on his show results in New Zealand will be added as soon as I get them! One of the nicest parts of this new friendship is that the foaling season in the Southern Hemisphere is opposite of ours (April/May/June vs. October/November/December), so there should be lots of baby photos for us to look at year round! :) (what could be better than baby pictures???)

We just finished our spring/summer pasture rotation yesterday! Our yearlings have been sent out to the biggest pastures to enjoy running up and down hill like all young horses should. They also are making friends with their extended family of cousins, siblings and 'Aunties' with little fuss or drama. Their individual personalities really do shine through though...Daisy marches into a new setting and announces her arrival - I'm Daisy! Joy is more subdued and shy, hiding behind Daisy with big eyes and then cautiously approaching what might be DANGER! LOL She is too funny after coming up to whatever was scary, she trots off with so much suspension my jaw hits the earth. The boys are out in the bachelor group of geldings and Derek just trots around showing off his big gaits - the only hang up was that big brother Whodini can out-trot a big trot was not a useful 'escape' gait! Puck was befuddled that his relatives were so pushy and BIG! - which is truly amusing as he is a large yearling who is going to be a big horse someday! :) Pictures to follow in a day or so, along with Oz's video from his last ride at Roddy's.

There are quite a few bits of 'Big News' that I am going to hang onto for a bit longer...but keep checking back!

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