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Monday, April 20, 2009

Show News, Baby News, A fabulous dinner, Ebay's all here!

I'm still thinking about the lovely, delicious, savory, sweet, exquisite dinner we had at Chris & David's house last night...mmmmmmm. It was a great way to celebrate the Greek Easter but WOW!!! the food was amazing! Their house is beautiful and everything about the evening was perfect! It is always fun to meet the 'other half' of the friends we make through the horse side of our lives and expand the 'family'. We all shared funny stories about farm life with Carrie, Larry, Chris and David... :) There is nothing quite like a good tale that is enhanced by scrumptious food and good company!

A good summation of the meal would be best paraphrased by Homer Simpson- 'Mmmmmmmm!'

Mom and I made the trek down towards Cape May bright and early yesterday morning with Atreo and had another go with the PSG at Fidler Run Farm in Woodbine, NJ.

We unfortunately had to scoot right after I finished the test and I will update when I know my placing.

It was a treat to see some old friends and congratulations go out to Jennifer Allen on her precise execution of the Grand Prix Special! What a piaffe & passage her boy has!!! :)

Since we scooted out of the grounds shortly after we cooled Tray out, we did not get to say 'hi' to Sara Schmitt who was showing our old buddy - Willy (Worth The Wait) for his proud owner Susan...what a bummer that was as Willy rocked through the Fourth 2 & 3 with scores well over 65%!!!! Congratulations all around to Team Willy!!!!! Hopefully some photos will come through but more importantly - well done Willy!!!!! :)

On the baby news front -

Our mares are beginning to creep closer to their foaling dates but to wet your whistle - this is Doringcourt's first foal "Domino". He was born in Australia out of "Puzzle" by Rotspon...

Congratulations go out to his proud owners and we will keep you all updated with the news of 'Roy', his owners Sally & Ron and Andrea - who is the talented rider who rides this magnificent fellow!

I received a lovely email from the MacKnew family down in MD and they have named their Waldaire colt William Wallace LG...and there were some very cute photos which the computer will NOT allow me to download, save and then upload to the blog. It is very frustrating but please take my word for it - he is a sturdy fellow with good bone, long, correct legs and as soon as the computer sorts out the issue, I'll pop some photos of Will up so we can all see him. :)

Charna Watts down in TX welcomed a Waldaire filly from her lovely mare Queue yesterday! There were no surprises in terms of color but this is what she has to say about her latest addition at Magic Carpet Show Horses in Powederly, TX ( - "big, long legged, tons of bone, but very feminine - dishy face, star, strip, 3 high whites. i'm very pleased. she's very calm and seems like an old soul. mom is doing well." and "she's gorgeous. lovely angles, beautiful muscling - strong - she was bouncing around even before she'd found any breakfast! one of the earliest i've ever seen get to her feet." I couldn't be happier for Charna and she said she'd fire off some photos my pledge continues - as soon as I get them, they'll be added here!

On a totally separate note, I am about to list a bunch of items on Ebay. We have done a bit of spring cleaning in the tack room & various closets here on the farm in an effort to re-home lots of useful things like shaped, show quality girths, dressage & jumping saddles (they're just extra and in nearly-new condition) and a bunch of show jackets in both Dressage and Hunter styles. If you would like an emailed list of items & sizes, just pop me a note and then we can save on the listing fees and other charges. Paypal is accepted for all of these items.

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