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Friday, April 24, 2009

BABY pictures!!!!!

Here is the Little Giant's Waldaire colt - William Wallace LG -

He certainly is stamped by both of his parents! Barbara has told me he is very good natured and an easy going type of colt. Their oldest Wally gelding is an '06 out of the TB mare, Aly Alice, named Willow LG and he is going off to be started in the very near future. :)

Charna Watts sent photos of her new filly (3 days in the images) and I am so excited to see her in the 'flesh' even though she is all the way down in TX!

This lovely lady is out of Charna's much loved Zorn(SWE) daughter...what a bright future she has!!!

Congratulations to everyone on their babies... :)

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