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Sunday, May 4, 2014

Spring is almost here. Maybe.

 Rumor (aka the weather people) keep insisting it is Spring up here. Most afternoons around 4PM I start to believe them! ;) Just kidding. Sort of.

The faint signs of spring are beginning to pop up around the farm - the tulips have popped up and are thinking about opening. We had a few daffodils and the trees are quickly pushing out leaves, so the forests are thickening up in a hurry. The horses are shedding like crazy, so perhaps we will soon stop having nights in the low 40's!
Who's the good boy who comes to the gate when I whistle?
McDreamy of course! 
The horses are all back in the groove of the light work schedule and going really well! It has been incredibly rewarding to be able to get back on them with so little fuss and quickly get to utilize all the tools and skills I learned down in FL!!!

The youngsters that were roughed out while I was gone are quickly catching back up to where they were prior to my is Westerleigh having a bit of lunging time with Felix...

Wyatt and Wendy had a slight break to get used to things like turnout! But they are back in full work and better than ever! It was such a fantastic opportunity to be in full training with Catherine for such a long period of time but it is nice to have taken a deep breath and now say, "OK, time to relax a bit in our new skills and show off how good it REALLY can be when we're confident and mellow at home!" Which means a horse show (or 5 or 6) will not be far behind! (or at least if I have any say in the matter!!)

Speaking of showing, cross some fingers and toes for me. I'm off to see my surgeon and would dearly love to hear that all the pain and swelling is some sort of an allergy to my sock on the left foot. 
However, the fabulous crew at Rothman will know better than I what's going on! As soon as I get some definitive answers - watch out people! Wyatt and I will be hitting the local recognized shows with big plans in the works! A bunch of the youngsters will also be heading out to get their mileage at smaller shows too!! I can't wait to get out and about to get ready for the bigger shows later in the season!!!!! In the meantime, the old guidelines of RICE are hard at work in the evenings and whenever I'm not on a horse, so we'll think good thoughts, right? After all, this is one fancy horse to keep chillin' on ice while my leg holds back her training and show exposure!!!
Dream Girl WF

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