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Friday, April 4, 2014

YIKES! Only 1 week left and a show this weekend!!!

So two more days have gone by and I haven’t been able to track down some Wi-Fi! I’ll do a quick recap of what the horses have been up to and then be sure to drag the laptop out tomorrow at the stable and snitch some internet time!

Wendy continues to improve with light year’s of difference in each ride! Her trot work is showing definite sparkle and the canter work is getting to be more and more like her sire’s every day! The changes are wonderfully expressive with great reach through the shoulders and very(!) uphill! Her overall carriage (posture?) has also changed dramatically - she is carrying her withers higher and a much softer croup - which makes all the work so much easier and elastic! Her walk continues to be a true highlight - perfect, regular steps with clear rhythm and over step...I am very excited to be showing her this weekend - even if it is “only” at Third Level. :) Tomorrow we have a lesson with Catherine, so I am quite interested to see what we work on with The Boss!

Wyatt had another smashing lesson today - he is so easy to sit and getting greater self carriage, impulsion and elasticity! Apparently tomorrow is Video Day in the stable - so brace yourselves as there will be some video of him from a month ago and then tomorrow’s ride added to the Farm YouTube Channel ASAP! It will be so fun to show everyone what we were looking like a month ago vs. right now!! Such a big change and so much fun to be able to compare the differences! :) He’s on schedule to have another good outing at PSG this weekend, so I’ll keep things as up to date as I can between now and Sunday night. 

The countdown is on - 9 more days until I leave for the North! Rumor (aka the Weatherman) has the temperatures being reported in the 60’s. Can it be true? Is Spring really coming to the mid-Atlantic???

I sure hope so!!! See you all soon!

PS - I wrote this 2 days ago and am finally getting a chance to sit down with access to WiFi...I'll never take the bits of technology that make life "normal" for granted again!

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