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Monday, April 7, 2014

It's all in motion! (the trip north that is!)

OK - this might be my last blog until I get home as The Great Packing Extravaganza has begun! 

I had an amazing ride to start this fine Monday! Catherine allowed me to have a sit on her up and coming superstar “Monty” as the sun crept over the tree line next to the canal. He is so attuned to every motion from the rider, so light in the bridle, so supple and so incredibly FORWARD in all his movement - what a positive and insightful feeling!!! Monty is what dreams are made of...really. It made my soul smile and, yes, I really was giggling with joy about how much fun I was having on Catherine’s nice horse. The feeling is that you are dancing together with no inhibitions or restrictions...just enjoying the dance in your own time and space together. Sublime. :)

So enough of me waxing on and on about how cool someone else’s horse is (and he really is THAT amazing!) - my two had a pretty fantastic weekend down at Adam’s fabulous White Fences show! It was the Adult Amateur Championships as well as a regular show, so there were special prizes and awards for the people who keep our sport in the public eye and work so hard day in and day out. Wendy was a touch nervous on Saturday but pulled out a pretty good Third 2 with a 65.6% (which incidentally gives me my 2nd Third Level score for my Bronze Medal) and was just .2 out of First Place! Such a good girl at her first show of the season! Wyatt was also quite good in his conservative PSG - some mistakes but we got a 63.8% in a competitive class of 16. Sunday was extremely hot and humid, so their warm ups were a tad too brief - Wyatt got another 63% for a 4th place and Wendy a 61% for the win!!! 

Today was a light training day for all 3 of us, so it’s back to the program tomorrow with a ton of packing commencing RIGHT NOW!!! 

On the horse front, Wyatt is for sale. Wendy is for sale. The other horses are also for sale and will be starting back to full work the Monday after I return (4/14/). I’ll probably hold off on any recognized shows for the “at home” horses for a few weeks so we can all get back in sync together, but we will be planning on competing the 2 FL horses as the lesson schedule permits. It will be fun to take them both out and about to show off all our new skills for our home based friends! So much improvement and polish after our time with The Boss!!! :)

If there is interest in any clinics - either at our farm or off site - please contact me directly after the weekend is over. I know there were 2 emails and I’m afraid they may have been lost in the shuffle while I was away - apologies!!! :( 

Oh and for those who are wondering what the “big news” is that I mentioned on the Farm Page on Facebook...well, here you go -

I will be offering lesson/training packages for the months of April & May to make up for not having been available to my students for so long! Normal lessons were $75, I’ll be lowering that to $65 each or a 5 Lesson Package for $300. The only restriction to those prices is that the lessons need to be taken by the end of May 2014. New students, new horses, new venues welcome! And, hey, I’ve earned another score towards my Bronze Medal while I was away...that has to count for something, right? :) The Silver and Gold are from so long ago they were pretty much obsolete!!! :D No, seriously, I’ll be more than happy to share what I’ve learned and help you and your horse make progress as the season is beginning to get rolling!  Regular pricing will go into effect June 1st, so this is a good opportunity to save $$ while increasing the tools in your training toolbox.

So on that note - It’s time to head back to the stable to start packing the trailer and do the evening stables!

~Happy Riding!~

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