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Monday, April 14, 2014

A long long way to go...

This is a big list but here goes...

Massive, monumental thank you's go out to -
Catherine Haddad Staller, Patrick Tigchelaar, Meredith MacDonald, James MacDonald, Austin Devlin, Michelle Brady, Betsy Rebar Sell, Olivia Hallman, Dana Fiore, Kim Jackson, Adam Pollack, Jimmy and Pat, Wes, Jake, Sergio, Sandro & his crew, Dr. Stacey, Waylon, Dean and Matt, Dianna, but most especially my parents for allowing me the space, freedom and opportunity to go to study with Catherine for 7 amazing weeks. If I have left off your name, I am so sorry, there is a missing stack of coffee filters and I'm sure to come back and edit this list when there is the appropriate amount of coffee wonderousness in my system!

So the journey was simply fantastic from start to finish. I am still organizing and unpacking all the things that traveled south and back north. The best summation I can give you all is that I have a greater understanding of the entire system, process and training techniques to help the horses achieve their personal best at the highest levels in a relaxed and harmonious manner. There are not really verbal or written words that can sum up the whole system, so I think we will be opening our doors (gates?) and having an Open House in the next 2 weeks to allow people to come and see for themselves what I've been up to with Mom's horses. 

Speaking of horses, we are offering some breeding specials in the coming weeks as we are reducing our inventory of Frozen Semen. Please keep an eye on the Farm Page as the deals will be announced and updated from that location. 

Officially, both Wyatt and Wendy (Wakanda WF) are for sale. Wyatt is a 16.2, 10 year old PSG horse with his 2's, a good start on the piaffe and passage and his 1's are progressing nicely ($100K). Wendy is 15.2, 9, she won at Third Level in FL and has her 2's, working pirouettes, piaffe, Spanish Walk and her 1's are also well started ($75K). Both have lifetime USEF & USDF numbers, are registered and have DNA verified parentage and papers. Serious inquiries only, please. Videos will be added shortly, so check back for the links. 

There are several other horses here that would love to have more work that I can fit into the day as their daily norm, so if you are in the market for a talented equine partner, please get in touch with us as they would dearly love a person to call their very own! Age, size, color, gender, level of training and current work status will depend on the horse's current status on my riding list but prices will be negotiable and adjusted accordingly. There are a handful of unstarted young horses that also fall into this category, so please consider adding raw talent to your own riding resume as they are very special and deserving of competitive careers with good riders. 

So on that note, it is time to skeedaddle out the stable and begin the first bit of training. Thank you all for the support, encouragement and positive words over the past few months. The experience was truly one of the best things I have ever done and I will use the knowledge and skills for the rest of my career going forward. 

Thank you!!!!!

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