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Monday, May 7, 2012

Stubben is coming!

Mark you calendars! will be on site during the week of 5/14-18 for Custom Fitting appointments! We should hear a confirmed day and time frame later this week and will post that as soon as it comes in! 

 This is a super opportunity for those who might be interested in all of the new saddles that are on the market! Ellie and Anne are both riding in the Genesis Special D with the BioMex seat. The horses are loving the new tree and innovative design with improved collection, self carriage and more swing over their backs. 

If any of that is of interest to you, or you are just curious what is on the market in the saddle department, pop a note. I'll let you know which day and the time frame that the Fitter will be here to check you and your horse!
If it is more convenient, we do have a few horses that can be used as 'test' horses for saddle trials - either but that is on an as needed basis. There are rumblings of the Zaria, the Portos, Genesis D, Genesis S and other jumping models being along for the it's not just dressage here! 

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