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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

It's HOT out!

With some extremely sultry weather upon us, we've taken a mini-break holiday with the training. So there have been some spa days for the horses - manes are pulled, extra shampoo and good grooming has been the name of the game!

This morning was breezy and the mare pasture's group was down for a drink, so I ventured out to say hello to them and the guys out across the road - they're ready to come in and start their training! :)

Wei WF
Dolce Elise (L) Wichita Rose (R)

Wendolyn, Westerleigh & Windrose 

Westerleigh WF

Aloysius WF

Dreamcatcher WF

Drummond WF

Wilson WF

Wolfgang WF

Future Insect Eaters

Wallstreet Rose WF
Going into the pasture results in shots like this...
See that bit of grey creeping in from the right??? 
Oh well. You guys get the idea. They're friendly! :)

The Farm Page has rolled 9300 Fans, so many thanks go out to all of our supporters. We appreciate all of the support!

So stay cool. Hydrate. And we'll hope for some cooler temperatures to continue to advance the training of the horses starting tomorrow! Happy Riding!!

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