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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Saddles to try! Lots to learn! Happy horses! Happy riders!

Stubben came for a visit! 

This is just a wonderful sight!
This is Keith Brooks who is our awesome Saddle Fitter!

 :)  So we're all smiles here on the farm today!

Stubben was here today to check the fit of a few of our horses in their Stubbens! No adjustments were needed, so we're all set for the competition year!
We order our saddles (with Keith's help) through Stubben's Custom Program and with the help of Bit of Britain!

 It is always a happy day when a saddle comes in and we go to pick it up!

My saddle is a Genesis Special D in an 18" seat with a 29cm tree. It fits the vast majority of our horses with no additional padding or flocking - but do keep in mind that they are 'related' through the breeding program, so it makes sense that they have a similar shape to their backs!

This is Anne's saddle! It has the DL flap (1" shorter) but is the same tree width and seat size as mine,  just in black to match her dark coated horses!

So if you are interested in learning more about what Stubben has to offer - please contact them or check out their website! If you are not in our local area and want a Custom Saddle, take heart! They have an extensive network of Certified Saddle Fitters here in the USA, so there are many people who can help you to find the best saddle for you and your horse! Just tell them Ellie Rawle said to call!!

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