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Thursday, March 15, 2012

We're loving the gorgeous weather!

So it is a bit early in the year for us to all be wearing polo shirts and lightweight breeches...but we're not complaining after the rough winters of the past few years!!!! :)

All the horses are enjoying a nice bath after their workouts! We're in the outdoor! There is GRASS! No blankets to pull off, fold and then put back on! Lots of turnout for the horses - like 23 hours a day!! Manes are being tidied up, coats are shedding's beginning to feel a lot like SPRING!

The view of the early morning sky from Tasker's nose!

Wyatt enjoying a snack after his post work shower!

Wizard amongst the flowers in the yard enjoying the grass!

So hopefully everyone is enjoying the weather, riding lots and looking forward to competitions!

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