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Friday, March 16, 2012

Spring is HERE! 6500 FANS!

Spring is most definitely HERE! We've been enjoying temperatures in the mid-70's every day this week and logging in some serious time in the outdoor arena! As you all know, we do not have any foals coming this year, so this is our reminder to our breeders who do have foals coming by our stallions to please keep us posted and send some photographs of your baby when it arrives!

And now you all get an apology - I have no taken one single photograph of our horses working in the outdoor all week. *sigh* It's been busy...but hopefully today will be a tad slower and I can make it happen!

Speaking of making things happen - the Farm Page on Facebook is up to 6500 Fans!!! 6500! That is a serious number of folks who have clicked LIKE or commented on our horses! Wow! Thank you all for the support, LIKES and comments - all that feedback helps us to better determine the direction of our program, marketing and advertising budget! Many, many heartfelt thanks go out to you all!!

So I'm going to scoot and get the camera equipment organized to shoot some pictures today! The horses are shedding like mad and there are just a few manes left to it's time for new photos and videos!!! Time to show off their good work and beautiful selves!!

Happy riding!!!

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