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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Oreo is in charge of reminders today!

Yesterday was a bit hectic! We are generally a busy farm from 8 AM - 6 PM with just the normal routine -
Barn work (bring in the overnight turnouts, put out the morning turnouts, feed, hay, water, groom the riding horses, lay out the bathing supplies)
Riding the horses
Mucking out
Barn work (turnout swaps, any blanketing, medications, feeding, hay, water, roll the hoses, sweeping)
Horse laundry (saddle pads, towels, etc from the day)
Then a late check at 9:30 and then it's off to bed for a good night's rest!

But yesterday we also had the blacksmith, horse dentist, massage therapist and the regular outside riders mixed into the schedule! It made it feel like a bit of a day!

Thankfully, Oreo was there to keep an eye on all the riding horses.

He seems thrilled that the lessons are back outside and we have time to pay homage to his most glorious self. :) We are all giggling about the assistant trainer keeping such a close eye on our work!

I promise to get some shots of the riding horses today. It's supposed to be 70* with sunshine and a light breeze - perfect riding weather! So the video camera will be going down as well! No excuses! Lots of photos to edit tonight!!!


Happy riding!!

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