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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Featured horse ***WALLACE WF***

From the time she was a wee baby, Lacey has enchanted us all with her pretty face, kind expression and forward thinking mind. She is a blast to ride each day - very responsive and attentive to the rider, very brave over fences and happy to do as little or as much as the rider wishes. She is a bit of an overachiever in some ways but likes nothing more than to be told she is The Most Important Horse and that will do nicely, thank you! :)

Lacey is for sale and/or lease at this time as we have so many to ride each day. She is not complicated or difficult - just takes a rider with some sensitivity/tact - as she is of a Queenly demeanor - one is advised to ask Lacey, not tell her! ;)

All joking aside, she is fun, sound and ready to go compete a bit with a person who can lavish the appropriate amount of attention on her! For more information, please contact with any questions or requests.

There are many, many videos of Lacey with different riders on the Farm You Tube channel. Please just search Wallace WF and you should find them all there. Or check out her page on the website as direct links are listed there!

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