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Sunday, October 2, 2011

DAD photos!

I'll start with the hot topic from Dressage At Devon --- The FOOTING!!! It is divine! Now granted, I didn't blog back in 2006 but I was lucky enough to be the first rider to venture out onto the brand new surface at the new Florida Horse Park in Ocala, FL, so my opinion is somewhat jaded. But technology has come a long way in 5 years, the materials are more readily available and OMG it is just lovely!! Congratulations and many heartfelt thanks go out the organizing committees and staff of Devon Show Grounds who went the extra mile for the competitors!

So the planning has begun here on the farm to get horses into tip top shape for the competition season 2012 and go have a brilliant show in the big rings! :)

Speaking of tip top shape, I was not overly social on Friday night - I was busy doing some mild stalking of Catherine Haddad Staller and her outstanding horse Winyamaro. I will not drone on and on about why I enjoy her work and riding style - dressage is an opinion sport, so your opinion might be different! Here are a few photos from their GP ride - enjoy!

There is an album that I am adding to from the DVCTA Quadrille going up on Facebook. I will add more photos to the blog, but please understand that the uploading process for blogger is tedious. I tried to get individual images of each and every rider but have to say how nice it was to see a tribute to those who protect and help all of us each day. Here are the teaser images. The rest will go up tonight and tomorrow morning, so please check back.

So I hope that keeps everyone happy on this rainy Sunday morning. CNN said earlier that there is a chance of snow?!?!?!? Stay warm, have good rides and enjoy!

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