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Monday, July 26, 2010

Training Updates

Our 2007 gelding has made super progress at Sport Horse Training, Inc. Trainer Roddy Strang says that our Liam is like 'an old, broke horse' he comes home to our farm today! He is great out on trails (alone or with company), happy to trailer anywhere and most importantly - in spite of being a solid 17 hands - Liam is lightfooted and graceful with an active hindleg. He is the oldest of our Dressage Royal offspring and there is already a line forming to be his main rider here at WF. :)

His space at SHT is going to be taken by none other than our Daylily WF (Dressage Royal/Again and Again/Sir George Gaylord xx). If you remember "Stella" was the Top Foal in North America we are quite excited to have our little black pearl going off to learn to be a riding horse. Her dam was super fun as a riding & competition horse with her steady nature and good mind, so combining those traits with Dressage Royal has us quite excited to say the least.

I will shoot some new photos of Stella before we load her to go over to Roddy's. As always we are thankful that Roddy does such a wonderful job giving our youngsters a solid, correct and happy start to their riding careers. :)

On the other young horse front (those who are in residence at WF) - our Wallace WF is working on her Third Level exercises. Wakanda WF is doing the same. As You Wish had taken a bit of a break from her eventing pursuits and is now solidly ready to show Third. Avebury also enjoyed a bit of downtime from galloping and jumping and he and Ellie are working through the Prix St. Georges with an eye towards finding some dressage shows over the fall. Wyatt continues to work on his PSG as well. Wizard is a daily delight for anyone who rides him...and, no, Ellie does not share often! ;-) Wilona, Wylie and Alexis are all working solidly in their First and Second level requirements as well as jumping courses regularily. Smart, Atreo and Artesian have had a lovely summer combining their FEI dressage work with plenty of cross training over fences.

There are loads of photos of the various undersaddle beasties scattered throughout the enjoy and - Happy riding!

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