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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Farm Website Overhaul has begun!

Somehow it seems like just when I like a page that is redone on the website, it is time to do a whole bunch more!!! So with that philosophy in the back of my mind, I tackled the various age grouped Sales Pages, the Client Sales Page, Avebury, Waldaire and Wizard's pages, the 3 Mares Pages and the Foals of 2010 pages. Ooooughpmh. All of the riding stock is making quick progress in the pleasant summer weather, so minor revisions needed to happen on all their listings.

If you are browsing through the website and find any missing photos or typos, please let me know...I have a sneaking feeling there are a few that slipped by in my haste.

So without further ado - please take a peek -

Thanks & Enjoy!

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