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Sunday, July 12, 2009

As You Wish wins AGAIN!

Kitty went to the DVCTA Horse Trials at Carousel today and won her division of Novice Horse with Sally!!! :)

She had a very good dressage test with just one '5' for the free walk (she was looking at the sights) - all the rest of the test was 7's & 6's!!

We are quite excited as she is scheduled to move up to Training level in just a matter of days!!!

And to reiterate what I have said in the past about Eventing being on to something...she won a beautiful leather halter with a brass nameplate at Plantation. This time she won a set of 4 galloping boots - all the merchandise is from Bit of Britain here in Oxford, PA, so we will pay them a visit this week to pick up her 'loot'!!! Wouldn't it be great if Dressage had nifty (translate as USEFUL) prizes beyond the blue ribbons???

On the horse show front - Smart, Alexis Carrington and Adelaide are headed to a schooling show this week and I'll update soon with some photos from Alexis' jaunt over to Sally's from Friday...she was a star and a lady for Sara on their adventure! :)

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