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Monday, July 20, 2009

Another schooling day off the farm!

We took a jaunt over to Vince Dugan's this afternoon with Karin & Adelaide (Addie), Sara & Wallace (Lacy) and Wakanda (Wendy) & me. Sara had a quick jump school with Addie, which was very successful and pleasant to watch.

Then it was time for Karin to have a school on her beautiful girl! :)

It was then Lacy's turn to have a round or two with Sara! She is really beginning to develop into such a lovely girl! It was really neat to have her & Addie on the same trip as they have the same mother - Aly Alice!

After watching Lacy & Sara school over some jumps, it was time for Wendy to get into the action! So we played 'Hack Class' and all three ladies went around the perimeter and did a mini-hack class!

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