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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Photos of some of the horses from today!

Mom was able to get some time in behind the lens of the camera today!

First up we have Wyatt & Ellie (who didn't put on camera-friendly colors for a chestnut!). He is progressing nicely in his training and is a blast to ride - just in case you were wondering, the glasses are to help keep the bugs out my eyes as we cover so much ground! :)

Christine was here for a lesson after having been snowed in or plagued by too much office work for a few weeks...Callie was a star! It is great to see how much she has matured and how happy she was to be in front of the camera...such a ham!

And up next is Alexis with Sara! Sara has taken the time to clean her up a bit - notice the nice mane and how spot-free she is! A far cry from the shaggy girl in the western tack at SHTI a few weeks ago! Good job Sara! But when we get another warm spell, the tail will be tackled next! And as a point of reference, Sara is 5'6" and Alexis is the same height as 'big' brother Atreo. *sigh* She should mature to a healthy 17.2-3 in the end. It is a good thing she is so sweet and cooperative!

Mom got some photos of Tasker doing his piaffe today. However, he lowered his quarters beautifully yesterday (when there was no camera, of course!) and was a bit too tired to produce anything that was truly 'blog worthy' today. *sigh* As Rome was not built in a day, we'll take it easy on the amount of piaffe, passage & tempi's for a few days and aim to shoot again early next week. He is a funny horse who thinks these 'tricks' are cool...such a character with a great sense of humor!

More photos will follow as the weather & time permit...

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