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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Exciting Day!

My little boy Wyatt pulled out all the stops this morning! :)

We have been polishing First Level Test 3 for a few weeks...smoothing out the transitions, making accurate figures and precise corners and everything is exponentially better every time we go through the test. Great progress, right?

He motored through that test again this morning - not perfect but certainly acceptable for the first horse on a brisk spring morning after being in all night. Mom then read Second Level Test 1 and we went through that test, too! Again, not a big deal - no big hiccups, no resistance or problems. (YAY) *does happy dance*

So then we went through Third Level Test 1. I did simple changes rather than flying changes and the collected trot was not 'really' collected but more of a big, forward European style show trot...he was an angel. Now Wyatt turns 5 on April 28th. We've never even practiced those test patterns. So those run throughs were cold, no prep, without any real planning...what a wonderful horse he is!! He's a marvelous, fun, kind horse who adores doing test patterns. Whodathunkit? Some days he is Mr. Grumpy Pants when we first start out but we march down the centerline and the sun comes out from the moment we turn at A! He is a fascinating horse and such a star!!! YAY for Wyatt! So of course, he got some extra carrots and curry time - he loves to be groomed...especially in front of his turnout buddies who watch him standing in the cross ties! I believe he mocks them the whole time I am with him. Such a character!

On another interesting side of the horse world of Watermark Farm - Mom spoke with Roddy yesterday.
Little Wizard WF is fantastic!!! After just a few rides 'Oz' is walking, trotting and cantering and beginning to trail ride with confidence. His hormones are not an issue (always good news with a young colt) and he is focused and obedient with a rider! We are taking the cameras and camcorder over to see him go on Tuesday, so just a few days until I get to see my baby boy all grown up with a rider!! :)

So don't laugh...I was all excited to blog about Oz this morning and then Wyatt and I had such a special ride...bummer for Oz, I guess! LOL

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