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Sunday, March 15, 2009

A First for Waldaire!!

Tawna and I just got off the phone with big news!

Wally has a new daughter!!! The most important details are that she is healthy, strong, correct and, oh yeah, A PALOMINO!!! New Baby is out of Chloe - a cremello Saddlebred, so the only color New Baby could be is PALOMINO! She has a stripe and three socks, so the chrome fairy paid her a visit. This is Chloe's first foal - she has adjusted to being a mom with style and is very proud of her creation...if you would like to take a peak go to and click on Camera 1. If the video player won't load, use IE to download & view (Firefox wouldn't cooperate for me).

Photos will follow as soon as I get them!

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