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Sunday, April 12, 2015

Need an indoor? Need a measured large (or small) dressage arena? Ring Use Packages Available!

OK, the indoor is a measured small arena! The outdoor has a measured large set up! There are some jump materials available for use. If you find yourself in need of a riding space, schedule an appointment and come on over! Please bring a copy of your Coggins and a healthy horse. We have horses in the arena most days from 9AM-4PM, so if you need company - you're not alone when you ride.

WF Club Membship - unlimited use of the indoor & outdoor (by appointment so as to not conflict with lessons).
Single Horse: $100 per month    Family: $300 per month (limited to 4 horses)

Indoor arena: $20.00 (loose school with or without jumps)
With our assistance: $40.00 per hour
Outdoor arena: $20.00

Replace broken jump poles: $20.00
Replace broken standard: $50.00

Contact for more information or to schedule your ride

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