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Thursday, June 12, 2014

Website Update - Check! New videos - Check!

Ok, the website has some of the new videos added at long last and a few changes have gone on in regards to our Sales List. But in case you do not want to hop around on the internet, we will be offering our former 1* event horse Avebury WF for sale at this time. He is a Call for Price category, so please contact Anne for more information.


Drummond is off the market as we want to give him a bit more time to mature and develop before we actively market him further.

Aloysius and Wilson are well on the road to being back in full training. Westerleigh and Windrose are also in the rank and file system of becoming more educated equines. Wendolyn is not far behind in her education either - so the days are BUSY! If there is a particular youngster that interests you, please do not hesitate to contact us to set up an appointment to see them or to request updated video. There are currently 20 horses for sale, so we will try to get all requests answered as quickly as possible.

On the breeding news front - congratulations to HS in MD on the arrival of her healthy colt out of her Westphalian mare Calida by Calido I x Lanciano! He's a charmer for sure!

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