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Saturday, June 7, 2014

Videos of the boys

It's strawberry season on the farm!

Things are ticking along in getting the next batch of horses' careers. We have some changes to make on the Sales List, so check that on Monday for the additions and updates!

But in the meantime, take a peek at Aloysius - 

He is growing into himself and making lovely progress as a riding horse. Louie continues to thrive in the training program with his sweet nature and powerful movement. We're looking forward to putting up a small grid and letting him play with that as a "new skill" this coming week. 

Wilson is also making big strides in his future career. Check out the future hunter king - 

As an "around the stable note", Wilson loves to be fussed over and is very confident in new surroundings. He will be learning to loose jump this week and we'll add that footage ASAP as he looks to have a great deal of talent in that area as well with above average proprioceptive awareness.

Then there is Westerleigh aka Joy who is loving life now that she's back undersaddle - 

Last but not least is Drummond - 

Dru is currently off the market as he is in a huge growth spurt and needs more time to develop. Sorry to disappoint those who may have been thinking about pursuing him as a possible acquisition. He needs the opportunity to grow into himself before being actively campaigned and marketed. Embryos from his half sister, Wakanda (same dam) by Dressage Royal can be purchased if you would like to have a horse with a similar genetic background.

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