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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Some training news, some editorial opinion...Yup, it's a Tuesday!

Wilona & Sara G. 
Yesterday we had a lovely affirmation for an upstanding professional in the world of top ranked show hunters! Our Wilona (Waldaire x As You Wish) was participating in a clinic with Sue Sisco and Sue requested that the horse come to her for both training and competition. Not just to be ridden in her show stable, but to come as a horse for her to show personally!! What a compliment!! We'll keep you posted on what the owner decides, but either way - it's very, very exciting to have a nice opinion of a youngster coming in from such a good rider/trainer/coach!!! YAY Wilona!!

Now onto the editorial part...
Andis 2 speed clippers

Last year I got a big education from Wilona's owner on how to do a better job clipping the horses. She came over and generously helped me clip 2 of the horses that were in heavy work and gave me a big education on what kind of blades to use, her preferred clipper brand and WHY! Now with many years in the hunter world - she knew what she was talking about!!! So, I practiced on a few horses to help speed the removal of winter hair and called it 'good enough'. 
That brings me to Fall 2013 and the onslaught of the hairy beast parade. Our horses seem to think we have a rough winter ahead and have been packing on the dense coats like you wouldn't believe. With so many in full training, I have given my beloved Andis clippers a real workout! But the coats look fantastic and they are a joy to introduce to the first timers. I've done full body clips on 12 and trace clips on 5 so far and have a handful left to go. Only 2 of the horses needed some light sedation to finish their legs and up around their ears - which if you have worked around horses with clippers means a lot!! The Andis are quiet and very easy to operate - I'm a big fan!! 

Some examples of the aftermath!  

Oh and one other bit of training news - our Dolce Elise (Dressage Royal x Savannah) has begun the starting process! For those that remember Able Spirit - she is a true testament to her granddam! We'll keep you updated on how she does! 

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