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Sunday, November 3, 2013

Big Congratulations are in order!

Let's give a big "YAY!!" for Sara G.'s success at Plantation Field yesterday! Sara was one of our dedicated working students several years ago and has gone one to become a teacher. She still rides quite and wanted to squeeze in an event before the season wrapped up here in PA for the winter. Since Kitty loves to event, it seemed like a grand idea to let them go have some fun together!

They knocked out a 35 in Dressage (with a rider error), had a single rail in Show Jumping (small rub at the last fence) and then rocked around the stiff Cross Country course. Sara said the first few fences might have been at Advanced speed but then Kitty settled beautifully and was just a blast to ride - banks, ditches, water - no problem!!

So if you see Sara out and about foxhunting with River Hills or at any of the local shows, please give her a big Congratulations as this was her second cross country outing, first dressage test and second show jumping adventure with Kitty! It was a real treat to have such an experienced rider take our girl out and about!!

Thanks for the great riding Sara!!

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