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Monday, April 1, 2013

Ok, I've said it before but maybe this time it is true!

I think Spring might have arrived. Maybe. It's April Fool's Day though, so that makes things more complicated and rouses a bit of suspicion about what Mother Nature is up to. But the temperature is supposed to hit the mid-50's and although there is a predicted stiff breeze, that is not a late winter sort of a day, right? Well, we will see what actually happens and go from there! 

 The morning looks promising! 
Check back for more photos and videos later today!

On a slightly more serious note, Eurodressage has been running articles from a variety of authors and today's contribution is especially important for riders who may have gotten out of the groove of "riding" over the past few months. It is a follow up to the excellent piece from a few weeks ago. Even if you are a professional and scoff at "fearful" riders, it is important to read both of them and work on developing your empathy towards others. 

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