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Saturday, April 27, 2013

As promised...a bit of the spring schedule!

Ok, the major steps in prepping for competition are in the works! Entries were mailed, the horses are solid in all the movements in the test, the Application of Intent is file with USEF, their Award Forms are on file with the AWR for the competition year and a tail coat was introduced yesterday! So lots of paperwork and plenty of training has gone on this week!!

The first show on the calendar is at Buck's County Horse Park on May 4th. Then PVDA's Spring Show at Morven Park on the 19th and ESDCTA at New Jersey Horse Park on the 26th will wrap up the qualifying shows for Wyatt and Wizard in the Developing Horse Prix St. Georges. We will see what the rest of the summer season holds for them at that point.

 After these two wrap up their spring show tour we will be announcing where some of the other horses will be seen competing and learning the ropes of being show horses! Quite a few of them are ready to show in the middle levels, so keep an eye out for more of our young superstars!


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