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Monday, August 8, 2011

Something new for our followers!

Now that we've celebrated 99% of the equine birthdays on the farm, we're going to start something new - a "Featured' horse each week! Some may be for sale, others might be at stud and still others are going to be treasured members of our 'equine family'. A short bio will go up along with some photos and video links! We hope that everyone enjoys learning a bit more about each listed horse!

But I will confess to going slightly out of order with this post! :) *blush* Our July Birthdays are listed below -

Dad celebrated his birthday on the 18th!

Mom had a birthday on July 31st!!

Again and Again was born July 15, 1978 and while we lost him a few years ago, we still celebrate the big mover each year!

Smart WF aka Tasker the schoolmaster turned 16 on July 4th!!

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