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Monday, August 8, 2011


Approaching this new project from the logical end - there seemed to be just 2 ways to do it - either youngest to eldest or eldest to youngest! Since fall is approaching and we are all feeling the lack of baby cuteness - here is our 2011 filly Wendolyn WF! PEDIGREE

Lynnie was born on Easter Sunday and has been a delight from the first introduction. She is a very intriguing combination of her sire's high intelligence and her dam's cooperative nature. Add in the uncanny built in metronome she came with and we have very high hopes for her both in breeding and sport. Lynnie stands quietly for grooming, the farrier and is just a daily delight to us all. We are expecting her to mature 16.2-3 hands.

Her dam Wallstreet Rose WF (Wallstreet Kid [Hanoverian] x Flaming Rock [TB]) was purchased specifically to add her valuable combination of Warkant & Eiger I with a touch of TB to lighten up those 2 substantial sires and ensure a good flowing walk. Wallstreet Rose is best known around the barn as Gretta "the little black mare" as she is only 16.0 on her tippy toes. Gretta is very easy to handle, was an absolute delight to ride and is a superb mother. Her gaits are ground covering and show good elasticity with excellent freedom in the shoulder. She has a very good engine and showed very good form over fences prior to becoming a broodmare. Thus far her offspring have consistently inherited her strong frame, beautiful face and Warkant trotting mechanics! In our evaluation they show equal talent for an eventing or dressage career but are certainly high quality animals that can be targeted towards a show hunter home as well.

Wendolyn WF is offered for sale at this time as her sire and dam are both young (we can breed another in the future) and we'd prefer her to go to a competition home so as to help promote her sire Wizard WF.

Video at 5 days -

May 5th & 6th video -

Video from 8 weeks -

At her foal inspection, Lynnie earned a score of 8.0 with the following comments - "good sporthorse filly. Feminine. Neck well developed and set on. Leggy, excellent proportions & substance. Moves with balance and suspension."

So if you find her to be of interest - please contact to discuss viewing her in person.

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