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Friday, July 22, 2011

Some silly photos and then a bit of a Wolfgang update

We are in the middle of a wicked heat wave! It has been in the high 90's for several days now and the humidity is pretty intense! There have been some early mornings to get horses worked but we called everything off for today as the Heat Index was 110* at 8:30 AM this morning! Stay safe! Hydrate! Do NOT take your animals in a vehicle if you can avoid it!

With this sultry weather, we have enjoyed some very foggy mornings here on the farm!

And I just wanted to share the view from above on
Avebury WF! It is not something that lots of people have experienced! But he's an affable fellow who likes to be first on the list of horses to work each day, so I thought I would share a bit of our ride with every one! :)

Anyone who has super friendly youngstock knows what it is like to enter a pasture here at Watermark Farm - the 'leader' will approach you, say 'hi' and then either beg for a scratch, a pat, a treat or just continue on their way. The lesser minions in the field hang back for say 2 seconds and then descend upon the human to do their version of a meet and greet! This involves investigating any and all pockets, fingers and sniffling the human everywhere! It makes shooting photos a true challenge to say the least but here are some funny moments from the bachelor's pasture this morning -

Aloysius WF being the dignified leader.

Wilson WF hoping for some food to join what is already in his mouth!

And then Drummond WF doing what all of his dam's offspring do best - poking the human for attention! No horse can get closer than an Abracadabra offspring when it comes to smooching!

So now we're to our Wolfgang WF aka Puck or The Puckster! He's just shy of 17 hands at the withers and still growing, so we expect him to end up 17.1 in the end. He's an incredibly sensible fellow in search of a home with a rider used to big, lanky youngsters who is not expecting him to get to the Olympic level in any discipline. We are seeking a permanent situation for him with an experienced horse person. For all of those who have requested new video and photos - here are the photos and a VIDEO will be added this afternoon from this morning's bit of time in the outdoor arena. It is worth mentioning that the Heat Index was 112* at 8:30 when we shot the video so please forgive Puck for being less than is HOT out there!

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