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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Calendar additions!

So after 9 months of frustration, I have managed (hopefully) to figure out a balance of medication/ice/exercise to be able to ride well enough to compete. It is not a comfortable experience by any means but I am looking forward to competing this weekend up at Buck's County Horse Park with Don William and Wizard in their respective Young Horse Tests. The boys are very high quality animals and deserve to show their talents, so whether or not I am 100% does not matter. A high(er) level of pain is just part of my life at this point, so it is time to get on with life as we know it! :)

Karin R. will also be bringing her Adelaide and competing in 2 Training Level tests for their recognized Dressage debut!

Sunday is also Anne's birthday! So it is a double cause for some celebratory enthusiasm! :)

On the 9th & 10th of August, we will be venturing over to Hawk Hollow Ranch in NJ for 2 days of training with Catherine Haddad Staller. Auditors are welcome - $35 per day which includes lunch. Please contact Randi to arrange for your seating space and meal.

On the 14th, Don William and Wizard and I will be heading to Fidler Run Farm in southern NJ for a second recognized competition. If all goes well, we will then be discussing some plans for Dressage at Devon for both horses.

This competition season has not gone as planned but the horses are ready to compete. I will do my best to show off their respective quality and see how it goes.

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