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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Young Horse Brags Ahead! Warning!

Ahhhhh...there really is nothing better than getting phone calls and emails from happy owners and riders! We had a lovely bit of communication with a successful equestrian out in California who has recently taken possession of a Waldaire youngster! They are very pleased with his grounded nature and calm temperament! So much so that they are planning on breeding one of their upper level eventing mares to the big man in the future! Way to go Wally! Nothing says I really like this stallion more than a rider who is so pleased with a youngster as to breed one of their riding mares to him! :) We will update with photos and videos when they come in to us!

Speaking of videos, here is our Alexis WF (full sister to Avebury WF) with her junior rider at a recent Melanie Smith clinic - Lexy is still a bit green but enjoying her career as a hunter and we can't thank C.Z. enough for keeping us updated on their progress! Good luck and please keep sending videos and photos! We love seeing all your success with Lexy!

And last but not least...Warrick (2006 gelding by Waldaire out of Happening Baby xx). He is shown HERE doing the Beginner Hunters with a Junior rider up. Congratulations to Trish and best of luck in the Baby Green Hunters this spring! Thank you so much for sharing the video with us!

So if you have a youngster by Waldaire (or a not so young horse by the big guy), Avebury WF, Dressage Royal or any of our retired stallions, please do not hesitate - we love to keep track of what the horses are doing in their lives!!!

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