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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Woohooo! Congratulations to Ryan Wood & Avebury WF!!!

Photo proofs are up on Hoofclix from Paradise Farm Horse Trials!

Please note the air Avebury is catching over those fences!!! Wow! And the recently posted clips from Show Jumping Warm Up and Cross Country show how bold he can be!

Many thanks go out to all the staff at Phillip & Evie Dutton's Red Oak Farm for all their hard work preparing Avebury! The impeccable turnout allows our fellow to sparkle that extra bit and we can't thank you all enough!!

So on the tail of that profuse thank you - CONGRATULATIONS Ryan and Dillon on your 6th Place today at Sporting Days Farm Horse Trials!!!!

Proof links to follow in a day or so...but in the meantime YAY for Team Avebury!!!

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