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Monday, January 17, 2011

Sublime happiness for all!

We have been very fortunate in our breeding endeavors over the years with multiple National Champions, numerous FEI horses, multi-generational Grand Prix horses and the joy of knowing that this fantastic animal that just performed such an outstanding test is one that you bred, raised and trained up the levels. Along with that rider/trainer/breeder satisfaction is the other super fantastic side of the breeder's coin - knowing that the animal you bred and raised has gone on to the best of homes with the perfect match for a rider.

We are so excited and proud of our Wyncote WF as he embarks on his new career with Ryann and the rest of the gang down at Amazing Grace Stables - it is very hard to be patient and wait to see what they do each day. If you would like to read about how "Cody" became part of their family, please read HERE. It is truly a match made in Heaven and we are so pleased about the bright future they have together!

Good luck to Ryann & Cody! We can't wait to see how your first show goes!

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