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Monday, January 3, 2011

And the New Year has some excitement already!

Our eventing stallion Avebury WF has already begun his adventures for 2011! "Dillon" has joined up with his buddy Ryan Wood ( to get a jump on the 2011 competition season. For the next few months he will be available via good quality SBS frozen semen as he'll be down south in Aiken competing. We will be certain to keep everyone in the loop as to his competition schedule. We are planning to have him return to the area in April so as to be available via fresh cooled. That plan is subject to change however as he may be doing more of a * & ** competition schedule and it would be unfair to Ryan to yank him away for collection duties without a predictable schedule. Regardless, we will be keeping everyone informed as to where & when he is out and about so check back soon for more information! Competitions start at the beginning of February, so watch for the grey horse who loves his job!

On the young horse front - Wyncote WF (Waldaire x Southern Leigh WF) has returned home from Sport Horse Training, Inc. "Cody" was ready to join our riding list a few weeks ago, but with Anne & Ellie out of the riding loop, it seemed prudent to leave him with Roddy a while longer. He is now a super ride in the open with a relaxed and balanced gallop, super flat work (leg yields, turn on the forehand & haunches, beautiful rein back) with natural clean flying changes and one of the nicest walks we've ever seen on a youngster. Roddy also said he was a blast over fences, so with all those positive qualities in mind, Cody will be going over to True Prospect Farm for Ryan to evaluate and advance his over fences skills. Photos and video to follow as soon as we get the equipment organized, so that everyone can see what we're so excited about with another crop of super fancy Waldaire's coming along undersaddle.

On the family news - Anne's surgery went well and she will begin PT in a few weeks. Ellie's ankle is progressing (slower than she would like but riding is looking more likely in a few weeks, rather than months from now) and Bill is helping to keep the farm ticking along while they are laid up. In the meantime, if you would like to schedule an appointment to see any of the horses that are for sale, please contact . There are updates on the Sales Page of the website -

Thank you all for the cards, well wishes and moral support! Hopefully we'll be out and about competing in a few months and the frustration of the human version of 'stall rest' will be behind us.

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