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Friday, September 24, 2010

Eventing Photos!

So as we are having one heck of a drought this summer, the eventing schedule was trimmed back quite a bit to save the horses' legs. There is no sense in pounding around tricky cross country courses when the ground is like concrete. With the focus for most of the horses being on their dressage training and progressing their skill set, ordering photos shifted down this list a bit...but here are the images from Waredaca in May -

Here are Ellie and As You Wish WF at Training Level

And Avebury and Ryan Wood ( at one of their last Training Levels (also at Waredaca in May).

And then it was time to move the big guy up to Preliminary! Team Avebury placed fourth at Loudoun Hunt Horse Trials back in August and here is a peek at the dynamic duo...

So that might be all the eventing that the big horses do for a while. The ground is dangerously hard and slippery, so while it is saddening to keep the talent in the barn for a bit - it is truly in the long term best interests of the horses. Both Kitty and Dillon are making huge progress in their dressage education, so we are looking to start the spring season with a bang with both horses solidifying their Prelim skills and then moving up the levels.

Thank you's go out to Ryan and all the staff at True Prospect Farm for all that they have done with the horses and riders during the year! Additional thanks go out to the staff, organizers and volunteers at all of the competitions - as competitors and owners it would not be possible to do what we do without your help and support.

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