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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Website Sales Page additions and changes

So it was time for a bit of an overhaul on several of our pages. Recent feedback has indicated that folks would like a concise listing of all the available sales horses, so please take a few moments and let me know your thoughts on the new 'Full Sales Listing' page -

(If blogger would let me hyperlink that I would!) It is also easily accessible though the regular Sales Page on the website.

If you are interested in a horse that is listed for sale, please bear in mind prices are listed on the group pages in ranges and there is room for negotiation in all pricing. Special consideration is given to competition homes as well as those interested in breeding in the future.

As we have so many youngsters going undersaddle and all the competition horses at moment, we would love to see some of the youngsters out and about under other riders in their various disciplines where they show such great talent!!! So if you are interested in a particular horse, don't be shy!!! Give Anne a call or drop her a line and discuss who caught your fancy!

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