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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Update from the late evening of 2/2/10 in Aiken

Evening Update -

My lesson with Sally was super - Kitty feels spectacular over fences! She relaxed really nicely over her back and was quite responsive
to my aids...I could not have asked her to be better honestly. Kitty is an interesting personality to work with in that she has opinions
of how the universe should operate, but at the same time she is open to doing what the rider would like her to do. The more our
relationship has developed - she and I have worked out a softer dialog that operates with more gentle weight aids and subtle touches...
quite a treat to ride such a fun mare, honestly.

Dillon had a mini-cross country school over at Red Oak & Bridle Creek with Ryan just after the lunch hour. The farm is in a bit a of an equestrian community and shares a small cross country, stadium course and full sized dressage arena just at the entrance for everyone to use. He was quite
bold through the water complex and thought the logs, roll tops and other jumps were no big it will be fun to watch him go
tomorrow morning at another new location. I do have some lovely video footage from the school this morning, but this computer does not
have the software to edit it, so please bear with me and I will get it done as soon as I return to PA.

There is a competition at Full Gallop, so I will be going early with Ryan & Dillon to school and then do some dressage with Kitty - then
it is off to cheer on Sara and her horse Frank at their Beginner Novice debut!

Thanks to Mom and Pat for getting all my riding horses at home worked today. From what I understand the weather is beastly cold and
I heard there is a big storm rolling in. Everyone please be safe and I hope that the horses that I am not seeing daily continue to behave

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