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Monday, February 15, 2010

A relatively peaceful journey home to PA

The blog is going to be a tad out of sequence as the hustle of packing to depart Aiken interfered with finding WiFi every day to keep everyone up to speed. If you would prefer to read a more organized account of what transpired, please go to the Facebook Fan Page for photos & a more cohesive tale...otherwise, advance apologies for my disorganized state with this!

So bright and early Sunday morning I packed up Karin's mare's things and began the 650+ mile journey home to PA. It was a quite pleasant in that traffic flowed smoothly and I made it in just under 11 hours. Crossing into PA though was quite a rude surprise with the plowed snow in each side of the road being taller than the horse trailer & truck!!!!

Here are some photos from this morning after the trailer was unpacked. I don't think we'll be moving it anytime soon with the assistance of the Big Blue Tractor!!

Special thanks go out the Mom & Dad, Sandro, Pat & Ric, Gay and the other folks who made my absence from the farm possible!! Thank you's also go out to Julia, Randa, Ryan, Emma, Kelly and the rest of the crew at Red Oak for taking good care of me & the horses while we were down there! Good luck with the 2010 Season!

Looking ahead to the coming weeks - our event horses will be busy logging in some show miles under the tutelage of Ryan Wood ( If you are going to Paradise Horse Trials next weekend, please do keep an eye out for Ryan riding our Avebury WF. He will also be piloting As You Wish WF & Avebury WF at Sporting Days, Full Gallop and Pine Top in March before both horses will return to PA.

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