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Friday, January 15, 2010

What a super day!

So it was a balmy 45* today on the farm and the lovely temperature must have been a signal to the horses - they were all spectacular! Now, I could bore you all with descriptions of how each horse went from the moment my foot went into the iron to the dismount at the conclusion of every ride...but that is plain silly!

The highlight of my day was Wizard. No exaggeration or fluffing here...he is one of the nicest horses I have ever been allowed to throw a leg over. Ever. I'll start with the mundane-only-a-rider-notices-these-things description. His saddle position is ideal. There is a lovely, well defined neck out in front of you with a strong set of hips behind your seat. His barrel is neither too wide or too slab sided - it curves in just where your leg needs to be without being a hip dislocating spread. It just plain fits. His mouth is soft and responsive without any trace of fear or fussing. A light leg aid evokes a subtle lengthening of the frame and stride without a change in the tempo. When you ask him to move off into a trot, he has a built in metronome and settles into a steady one-two, one-two tempo with no loss of rhythm or power as he balances around a is all automatic. His canter covers plenty of ground without any extra encouragement from the rider and there is no sense of 'uh-oh, here comes the wall' - again, he just prepares himself for the curve, shifts onto his hindquarters and continues on at a steady pace. The canter itself is very powerful from behind with a clear 3 beat rhythm and it is easy to sit. Downward transitions are just like the upward ones - no big deal. His back is soft from the moment you settle into the saddle. He is light off the aids and has a responsive mouth. His walk is ground covering and has a clear rhythm...just like his other gaits. Honestly, he is one of the nicest (if not THE nicest) youngsters I have thrown a leg over.

I guess it is safe to say I am a fan. But it is a delight to have just ridden a young stallion who has a sunny nature, exceptional rhythm and balance combined with a very active hind leg! And it was just our first ride together.

Wizard is a superb reason for hoping tomorrow would hurry up and get here! (I can't wait to ride him again) What a super horse he is!

Thank you to Roddy for starting him last spring, Ryan for hopping on him a couple of times in the past week and to mom and dad for allowing me to ride such a lovely horse. I would be remiss if I did not thank Waldaire for passing along so many of the qualities that have earned him a treasured space in my heart...but his son is something to be so very proud of!

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