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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Videos have been added

So there is some footage that has been added to the farm You Tube channel!

Ruben WF (Rosentau x Sabrina WF) -

This video was shot over 2 different rides - the 7th & 11th.

As You Wish in the Ryan Wood Clinic -

Kitty is really coming along nicely. Apologies for not tracking her with the camera and did what she could!

and Wizard's 4th ride with Ryan -

This is the young stallion's first jumping experience and he is beginning to relax down into the bridle.

It will become pretty apparent that the video camera has 'chilly' moments from time to time. Because I'm filming and not trying to chop and change the footage, the focus will go all wonky every once in a while from the cold.

It goes without saying that we are very grateful that Ryan is able to take the time to work with the horses with his busy schedule.

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