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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Roots of a good breeding program through the generations...

These are photos of Aly Alice (Aly North x Hot Beat by Bold Lad) with Jessy MacKnew at a recent jumper competition. Alice was one of our treasured broodmares who found the MacKnew family when she was carrying her 2007 colt Willow (by Waldaire) and has returned to her undersaddle career. Alice & Jessy were the Youth Jumper Champions for the AWR in 2009!

All photos courtesy of Mark Uziel.

Alice's descendants have obviously inherited some of her quality jumping genes -

This is her Adamant daughter Adelaide WF (2004) with Ryan Wood ( riding at the recent clinic...

This is Artesian WF (by Again & Again out of Alice) with Ryan riding at True Prospect a few weeks ago...he is Amelia WF full brother and one of my FEI horses who enjoys quite a bit of jumping in his training program.

This is our Waldaire daughter out of Alice - Wallace WF -

And this is granddaughter Wylie WF by Waldaire out of Amelia WF (Again & Again x Alice) at that same clinic. Note - she has just 60 days of undersaddle training!

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