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Sunday, February 15, 2009

More Videos!

Christine Mohn was kind enough to loan me her DVD's of Wynona & Windlass from their foal inspections in 2008. I am in the midst of loading them both up onto You the end they'll be on our account & Christine's.
Wynona PF -
Windlass PF -

Mom & I also went over to Roddy's the other day (cold, windy and very cold with a 50 MPH wind) to take a few photos of Alexis and shot some video also.

That will be the most recent addition to the You Tube account. I just loaded the whole video straight through with no editing..she is a very good girl and is regaining her balance.

It was cute to see Roddy (5'5") on her - a solid 17+ hands...but she is a very obedient girl and pays close attention to where her feet are going at all times.

So even with the wind and lots of stuff to see on that cold afternoon, it is a treat to have such a nice horse to look forward to riding in the very near future! Thanks Roddy for getting another horse started so nicely! :)

Here is Lexy's video link -


  1. Is that Christine Mohn that used to live on Hilton Head Island?

  2. Sorry...this Christine has visited the Carolinas but has never lived there.