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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Great news from NJ, SC & MD!

Several months ago we helped match Willy & Susan together! They have had a few months to get to know one another and are doing great at their new barn...

Can you guys all see how CLEAN Willy is???? Wow, we all need to give Susan some major props for getting him so sparkly clean!

And if those 2 pictures don't convince you of how happy they are together, well this one will definitely chase any doubts away! How cute are they????

In a recent note Susan said that there are plans afoot for Willy to show some this summer at 2nd & 3rd level and how happy she is with him! It is just great to hear that they are such a good pair and really like one another!

Congratulations Susan and please give Willy a big kiss from all of us!

We got a very encouraging phone call from Aiken, S. C. As You Wish WF just completed her first three phase very successfully. Sally Cousins said Kitty was second in dressage, very steady and focused with cross country and the start and finish close by. She was clean in stadium , and also very steady. The black clouds were rolling in as she started cross country, but Kitty jumped everything very well, and only had one glance by at a jump next to an intermediate jump. Sally kept saying she is very impressed by her talent and demeanor, so we are very optimistic for the season. A very auspicious beginning--Thank You Sally and Nat.

We also were just notified by SBS that Waldaire is the featured stallion on their websites for the week of February 13-19th. They have some extremely good articles on reproduction on their site, so please take a few minutes and read over some of the information...

The Maryland Network for Injured Equestrians is having a benefit evening at the Manor Tavern in Monkton, Md. next month. Anyone interested in supporting the effort or attending can find out more on the link below.
There are lots of items being donated. (We donated some lessons to this fund raiser)...It should be a fun evening!

So lots of good news right before Valentine's Day!

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