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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Winter is still here!

The thermometer does not lie! It is most definitely COLD!

These are some photos of the sunrise about a week ago. It was cold and just lovely light overlooking the outdoor ring. About 20 minutes later, I shot some images looking uphill towards the mare pasture...still frosty and still but the warmer tones were creeping further into our valley.

Over the weekend, it was time to shoot some images of the now 2006's & 2007's out in the big pasture. With the snow, they were uninspired to show off their lovely movement but it was fun to see all the similarities in conformation & strong top lines. :)

Wei WF (Bea) is her dignified self - well aware of her class and quality.

Wylie WF

Don William WF (Liam)

Not to be lost in the Sea of Chestnut - Wilona WF.

Whodini, Waterlily & Wylie WF

Wyncote WF (Cody) likes to hide behind his if it is possible with that big white face!

Lily leads the Parade of Youngsters

Daylily WF (Stella) is always in the front of the line at the gate...I am not sure if she is expecting food or not, but she sure would like your full attention!

Wichita Rose WF (Rosie) has always been a bit more reserved than the others but has been slowly coming out of her shell. She hasn't quite reached the point of pushing her friends out of the way to come say hello, but it is coming!

I would be remiss to not include a picture of Bounce. She is 22 this year and still fit as a fiddle with lots to teach her favorite students!

Dorit & I have been corresponding regularly. She has joined You Tube and uploaded several videos of their Dressage Royal babies and a new DVD arrived yesterday. As we are ice coated and the driveway is impassable, I will work on uploading the new footage to You Tube on the Watermark Farm Channel. In the meantime - for the sneak peak. I am going to break the videos down into individual horses, from the foal footage to the yearlings, two year olds & three year olds. If you're wondering why, well, it is the 1/2 inch of ice on everything that is outdoors.

On a competition note, the lovely Kitty (aka As You Wish WF) is enjoying her life down in Aiken, SC with Sally. will have the latest updates but Kitty did 'The Derby' at BN with Sally this past weekend and had a clear jumping & good dressage. Sally praised her for her focus, good jumping skill and calm demeanor...all very, very good things for our dark bay lady! She also said there was a photographer on the grounds, so we are hoping to have some photos to share of Kitty soon!

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