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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Winter is most definitely here!

Wow!! It is now a whole 8 degrees warmer than it was when I went out at 7 AM! A heatwave has descended on the farm!!!

OK, so I am just having a laugh as it truly did feel 'warmer' when I went out to do the barn chores this morning...pretty sad, hmmm?

Since it is so cold, we're puttering through the mountain of paper work that is part of the show season preparations. Lots of printing & photocopying of forms as well as coordinating the vaccination schedule for the spring shots, Coggins tests and breeding schedules but very much necessary and the normal routine for the farm.

Dorit & I have been corresponding back and forth and she now has a You Tube Channel for Hengste Kothe - and has uploaded the videos for more exposure in Europe and beyond. Speaking of You Tube, I finally had time to load the videos of the 2008 foal crop from Dressage Royal & Ritual that were born at Dorit & Hermann's....if you have time, take a peak - & Such cute babies and lovely mares! Dorit did say that she will be sending me additional DVD footage of some of their youngsters - I can't wait to see it and load that as well!

So in closing, STAY WARM. It is too cold for any teasing/joking or messing about on that subject!

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